An acrostic about Sweeney Todd

mercredi 25 mars 2015

Les élèves de 4E ont écrit un acrostiche sur Sweeney Todd :

Serial killer, Sweeney is.

Wild and Wicked, his crimes are and Wanted, the revenge is. Working in his barber shop and

Eating the worst pies ever at Miss Lovett’s shop in London, England.

Exiled and banished for 15 years, he used to have a nice life with his wife and his daughter.

Now, Sweeney Todd was born and his life is ruined.

Enthusiastically, he kills his customers and

Yummy ‘’pâtés’’ are made with the human flesh.



This is the story

Of Sweeney Todd, who used to be Benjamin Barker, the

Demon barber of Fleet street.

Days and nights, he only thinks of revenge.